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Tired of your current job?  Frustrated with your job search?  Or maybe you want to take your performance up to the next level and get that raise, title, and promotion you deserve.

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Resume Review

I'll help you define your brand & design your resume. We'll have a 30-minute chat over Skype or phone, I'll review your resume and LinkedIn profile, and give you some pointers for getting the job you want!

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Career Consultation

Whether you're trying to figure out what industry to go into or thinking about a career change, sometimes you may just want some strategic advice.  Let's have a 1-hour Q&A chat to create a plan of attack to build your career in the way that makes sense for you.

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Leadership Coaching

All great leaders have gotten help along the way.  I'll focus on the key issues that you have as a young leader - your mindset and self confidence, developing authority, managing both up and down, communication and having crucial conversations, and more.

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